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OSHO active meditation has been part of my life since 2010. Throughout those years I have been sharing them during the course of various workshops here in Poland and abroad. At first I ran the workshops together with a group of friends as regular activities in Warsaw. That is when the “Active Meditation” project was born together with the page and the material to be found there.

I ran the Active OSHO Meditations regularly in Warsaw and also abroad in Italy at workshops in Salo, Lago di Garda, on numerous occasions in Bologna and also as part of the international „Celebrate Life Festival” in Sweden. I have visited many meditation centres, of which my favourite is Osho Town in Tuscany.

I have taken part in the international process of supervision and certification and a Certified Facilitator of Osho Active Meditation.



Of course, I am still developing in various directions along this path. I find most joy in talking to those who have spent a lot of time with Osho himself. I have been very fortunate to meet many people like this on my path so I have gained a lot from a variety of perspectives. I also practice the meditations on a daily basis in my own home. The Active Meditations support me in life, dissolving the effects of stress and tension in the body, gaining clarity and lightness, refreshing the body, sense of harmony and inner peace. They give me vitality, optimism and mental and physical skills.
It is my life mission to support and inspire others to discover their STRENGTH and path to joyful peace and harmony. Active Osho Meditations are for me a wonderful form to realise my mission, which is why I share them whenever it is possible.

fot. Tatiana Pałucka stylizacja Katarzyna Gruk TWOJA SESJA


I sincerely invite you to experience Active OSHO Meditation together with me.

Marta Obrycka



If you wish to experience Active Osho Meditation, please contact me! We will find the possibility to fulfil your dreams.


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