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On my way I met great coaching Clients and workshops Participants.


I am so grateful for every “meetings”!


Accompanying “on the path of flowering”, transformation, finding “inner diamonds”, gaining new perspectives, re-feeling the body is really a real honor and extraordinary joy!

Maybe you are wondering what impressions the people I have worked with have of me.

Here are a few opinions of people who have experienced coaching sessions with me, and who have attended my workshops.

At the bottom of the page you will also find recommendations from Kåre Landfald – Founder of Zen Coaching.


„Marta, your coaching has been a liberating experience:-) Thank you for your mindfulness, support and faith in me, thanks to which I found the courage to open up. Thank you for going through this with me, that you gave me the time and space and found the right questions:-) I left our meetings strengthened with a sense of peace, strength and joy drawn from the newly regained freedom.”


“Marta, your warmth, understanding and ability to find joy in the smallest things opens the hearts of others and fills them with hope that one day I could be like you full of peace, joy, self love and love for others. I can fully recommend you as a coach for people who find it hard to gain contact with themselves and seek inner peace and quiet. Also that allowance you offer to experience moments of vulnerability without judgment was priceless. You have the POWER”


“Sometimes we meet people in life who give us direct joy, and others discomfort, thanks to which we eventually discover joy. My contact with Marta was at first both one and the other for me. On the one hand, something told me to take advantage of her support and on the other during the first two sessions I felt irritation hearing the sincerity, peace and warmth flowing from her presence. Marta’s angelic way of being had awoken “bad demons” in me, which was strange but true. Then during the third session something in me broke. Marta’s incredible calm and her perceptiveness allowed me to access emotions suppressed for years. An enormous tsunami of joy, peace and love for people (including Marta) swept away the old painful memories that had once drained my daily life of its natural beauty and enthusiasm. My mind became more calm, more aware and more sensitive to myself and others. Marta’s words – “say YES! to yourself – to your dreams, emotions, needs and longings. Give them “space” and thanks to which “miracles happen” beautifully describe a coaching session. Marta, thanks to her unique empathy in a extraordinarily subtle way allows the client to gain the magic space for dialogue with one’s own emotions. So little and maybe so much is needed for MIRACLES to happen (PLEASE NOTE! the word carries much more than we think if we only give voice to our emotions. Having ZEN coaching like this, the whole process becomes naturally simple). Marta, thank you for being there 🙂


“During the course of our sessions, what I found very supportive was Marta directing our common attention towards my body, thanks to which I could let go a little from the purely mental perception of certain matters. My mind was at that time so tangled up that it could no longer distinguish reality from thought and the approach through the body, which Marta initiated with questions gave me a chance to work through this. Marta’s incites into the external signs of my inner processes and associated words and thoughts were a great surprise for me. For example, when I changed my mental perspective, and she noted that I was relaxing or the other way around by my facial expression. This was an indicator that had not been available to me before but became available thanks to a second person focused on me –Marta. What also supported me was her honesty, her participation in my joy and general emotional sharing, but also the distancing from fear and sense of hopelessness. I found a gentleness in her and at the same time a support. I also felt safe that I could basically talk about anything and no harm would come to me with her. There was a lot of attention from Marta, full commitment, a sense of the right moment for the right question opening new perspectives. Marta is a magnificent coach 🙂


“It is form me a great pleasure to very warmly and sincerely recommend Marta’s Zen Coaching and Osho meditation practice. I have been working with Marta for over a year as a trainee coach and every day I have the occasion to thank her for her professionalism, knowledge, empathy and above all her great, magnificent heart. I could always count on her wonderful, gentle support and I couldn ot have asked better and kinder companion on this journey. I can recommend Marta as a coach with all my heart.”


Recomendation from Kåre Landfald –  founder of Zen Coaching.

Marta Obrycka completed the second Zen Coaching Training in Poland with me as teacher, and received Certification as Coach in the International Zen Coaching Network (2012-2013). She is presently one of the two main organisers of the Zen Coaching Training in Poland, where I am the main teacher. In this role she also co-facilitates elements of the training, and offers individual coaching to the participants. Since completing her Zen Coaching training, Marta has been one of the most actively engaged and enthusiastic Coaches from Zen Coaching Network in Poland.

I know Marta as a totally dedicated, professional, creative and open-hearted coach and facilitator. She has a very rich set of skills and capacities and life experiences that support her in her role as coach and facilitator.

She has a strong ability to stay present, meet herself, take responsibility for her own feelings and reactions, and deal constructively with relational challenges – all of which are essential in the coach/teacher/facilitator roles. She is deeply committed to her own personal growth, awareness and transformation practice. She has a genuine passion for supporting others in their personal growth and in spreading consciousness in the world.

She confidently and lovingly holds space for others in the role of coach, teacher and group facilitator. She naturally creates spaces of joyfulness, loving kindness and curious exploration of any issue. As a coach and group facilitator, Marta shows confidence, naturalness and authenticity, and easily gains the trust of her clients and participants. She creates a safe and non-judgmental space where growth and transformation is strongly supported.

I also find Marta very dependable, positive and open-minded, with a strong follow-through and completion on agreements.

Her extensive training in coaching and broad experience in working with people in different roles, helps her be very creative and intuitive in the tools and approaches she makes use of as coach and facilitator.

I can highly recommend Marta for any job involving coaching, teaching and facilitation.”

Kåre Landfald

Founder of Zen Coaching, International Zen Coaching Network

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