Were you wondering why you are finding a butterfly and the colour blue on this page? This is where you can find out exactly what meaning these have for me.



The COLOR BLUE associates with WATER and AIR.



Water is my element and air is a space I greatly value.
For me, they symbolise freedom, flexibility and the sleeping strength and power in their gentleness. They cleanse us inside and out. They are difficult to catch without a vessel. Water is for me a wonderful teacher of the changefulness – it can be rain, snow, lake, delicate mist and ice. I love the thought “It’s worth being like water – I can adapt to any vessel but I can turn a rock into sand”. This is alive in my life – I “adapt” to the needs of the people with whom I cooperate as coach and workshop facilitator but I also break down the rock with questions to reveal the beauty and go deeper. Doing so, we cleanse our mind and body of that which no longer serves us, just like we do with air and water.

In Zen Coaching, the colours that ypu find on this page mean:
BLUE is the manifestation of our “personal essence”. It is pure consciousness that forms the substance of the mind.
BLACK clarity, power, peace and tranquillity, emptiness, space, silence, death (of lies), truth.
WHITE above all trust and also relaxed stability, groundedness and the relaxed self-confidence that goes with it. It also means perseverance, commitment and surrender.




This is for me a symbol of transformation, the abandonment of the old in favour of the new, lightness, freedom and joy – this is what I share with you, what I support and to what I invite you.
At first sight, a butterfly only flies around, dancing on the air, enjoying flours and things it meets on its way. But along the way it does a lot of good in that it pollenates the flowers and releases joy in all who see it pass. It awakens love to the world and the appreciation of beauty. It introduces positive vibrations as the messenger of spring and new life. It is associated with blossoming, endless travel and change. It teaches us that even a slightly less than attractive caterpillar may transform into a beautiful creation. To its delicateness it adds subtlety, it awakens sensitivity and awareness and at the same time it carries within a powerful strength. When we see a butterfly, we want to grasp its beauty, lightness, awakening joy and then we stop in the “here and now” we experience. It shows also that we can follow what we love and contribute much goodness and joy. How it lives is full of play and sense.



I find myself in everything – I love dancing and they say I don’t walk on the ground but fly around. Joy is my other name. I’m always travelling and it is difficult to say where I’m going to be at any time. I celebrate life and, in the meantime, lots of good things happen. As a coach, meditation and workshop facilitator, I accompany you in the transformation of the old into the new, into blossoming and what is beautiful. I invite lightness into life in various ways. With my coaching clients and workshop participants, I enter the “spring” as we share the transformations we experience, supporting them with my joy, sensitivity, lightness, gentleness and power. They can participate in the gratitude of stopping in the “here and now” in mindfulness, honesty and curiosity. And from this awakens a new quality of feeling one’s own body and familiarisation with all the emotions. We are inspired by life, that with courage I seek the longings and “do” what I love the most! This is what I invite you too – a diving into the various tones of reality, gaining from its richness and delighting in all the “colours of life”.



This is why I often hear people say I am a butterfly. Hard to grasp. Independent. Colourful. Changing self and others. D
Delicate and at the same time full of strength.



I am curious what you will discover in me when we get to know each other.

I invite you.



Below you will find a few curiosities about butterflies



Looking at it historically, the ancient Greek word “psyche” may be translated in two ways – as butterfly and as soul. That is why some say that the butterfly symbolises the soul. It is also worth mentioning the story from Greek mythology in which Prometheus, having made man of clay, convinced Athena to give him a soul, which she did by putting a butterfly on his tongue. Interestingly enough, the motive of the butterfly also comes up in Christianity. It appears in paintings showing God placing the soul on Adam’s tongue, which is represented exactly as the wings of a butterfly. What is more, it became a symbol of resurrection and appeared on Christian tombs. There is also the “Galactic Butterfly of the Mayans” of which Ian Xel Lungold wrote that “it is said it represents all Consiousness that has ever arisen in this Milky Way. That all our physical ancestors of people, animals, reptiles, fish, crustaceans and also plants possess Consciousness, which organises all Matter from the smallest particle to the Stars, Planets and Solar System. This has enormous meaning so great that the original Mayans had no symbol for it. In their civilisation they had no name for God. Knowledge of the imagination, the very concept, were perfectly sufficient. Later, this pattern was used by the Toltecs and Zapatecs as ceiling ornamentation. The local population calls it the “Galactic Butterfly”. They see butterflies as ancestors that return with a physical visit.”



In Bafka’s world, in the cycle “Animals of Power”, it is written of the butterfly that
“The butterfly is one of the most powerful and inspiring of the animals of power. When it enters our life, it directs our awareness to our soul and prepares us to the next stage of our personal transformation. It is not only the messenger of this change but also a helper in making it happen. It carries lightness and joy on its wings so that we may transform all the energies within us that hitherto had held us down, limited us and somehow held us back. Firstly, the butterfly helps us perceive in us this unnecessary ballast. This is the cacoon stage. It is a time for ordering one’s thoughts, senses and emotions. A time for arranging all these energies without unnecessary analysis, stress, blame or putting oneself down. Allow ourselves in silence and without hurry to go deep into ourselves and to meet our souls there. This is the stage of healing and transformation. This stage should not be hurried. Everyone has their own pace and is at the stage in their own development that is the right stage for them. This is why we take as much time as we need.
When we are ready to release the ballast, the butterfly will lend us lightness so we can, without looking back, open our wings and fly in real freedom. Here the butterfly teaches us to direct our life with awareness, catching new concepts and good ideas, taking advantage of the opportunities that come our way, realise our dreams and make our reality even more beautiful.



Butterflies and moths, after beetles make up the second most numerous insect group. There are around 150 different species of butterfly. They are present in all continents, except the Antarctic, where there are flowers. The wingspan of the largest butterflies is up to 30 cm, while the smallest are only 3 mm across. The fastest fly at 65 km/h and their wings are covered in tiny scales. Their surfaces are not even and they are set at different angles, which causes them to polarise light differently, hence the different colours on their wings. Most butterflies feed on flower nectar or fruit juice. To do so they use their tongues that function like straws, which they curl up and hid under their heads. Some species have tongues longer than their bodies. Their antennae are covered in in olfactory receptors, with the Johnson organ found on their second segment. This is their organ of hearing and balance, which reacts to the movement of the air. Butterflies are insects that undergo total transformation, and it is exactly due to this process of metamorphosis that they are symbols of transformation and change towards a better future and immortality as opposed to death. This is why in many cultures their form is simply an image of the soul.”
Source: http://bafka.ovh/index.php/2016/07/25/zwierzeta-mocy-motyl/



What the butterfly means for you?



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