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MEET YOURSELF at an even deeper level!
Let US meet!



Please let me invite you to a meeting with your self. I’ll be there to support you on this “journey”.


I’ll be there by being mindful. I’ll be listening in openness, acceptance and pure curiosity. I’ll be asking supportive questions that open up new perspectives. We will look at what is going on here and now, and you will be invited to notice the reactions of your own body.

What won’t there be?

There won’t be ready solutions. Nor advice, judgment, criticism, inauthenticity or fixing oneself or anyone else. There won’t be any blame or telling off.

Why do I want to accompany you?

Well, I love to witness transformation. Every session gives me a sense of deep gratitude for life and appreciation of the beauty we find there. Also, it is important for me that what I “do” and give my heart, attention and energy has meaning and value for others and the whole world.



As a coach, I follow the principles of Zen Coaching, which you can read about here



I care for the quality of my work and frequently take supervision.



Merge in Love, Openness, Curiosity



These are the foundations of my life-space, to which I invite you.


MERGE IN LOVE – because deep in the heart there is always truth, joy and good. There is also gentleness and strength!
OPENNESS – to what is new and as yet unknown. For you and what is important in your life so that there is flow.
CURIOSITY – thanks to it we can explore the unknown. We can go beyond the patterns and discover new perspectives and solutions. We can be discoverers!



Find out what people I have worked with have to say. Have a look at the opinion of my clients and people who have attended my workshops.



I INVITE YOU to get to know yourself through Zen Coaching at a Zen Coaching session!



You are here for a ”reason” …

Maybe this is the time for your transformation?
Inspiration, “adventure”, discovery? Say YES to yourself! Say yes to your dreams, emotions, needs and longings.
Give them some “space” and thanks to that miracles happen!



Arrange a free initial consultation in the form of a Zen Coaching session.



Write to me why you would like to meet:



The sessions may also take place over the internet, so wherever you are our meeting is possible!

See you soon!



I am waiting to hear from you!


+48 606 586 034